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Prabowo Subianto Urges Other Governments to Press Israel to Stop Attacks

Jakarta – After attending the High-Level Conference in Jordan and an official visit to Saudi Arabia, the Minister of Defense promptly reported the outcomes to President Joko Widodo at the Presidential Palace in Jakarta, on Thursday, June 13.

“I reported on the results of the summit in Jordan, which was specifically to discuss humanitarian aid that could be promptly prepared in anticipation of the hoped-for ceasefire,” said Prabowo to the media.

Prabowo stated that he would continue efforts to encourage other countries to exert their influence, thereby shaping global opinion to persuade Israel to stop its attacks on Gaza.

“In the past few weeks, several European countries have also recognized Palestine. They are requesting that Palestine be accepted as a member of the UN and the UN Security Council has proposed a ceasefire,” said Prabowo.

“So there is no veto from any country. This is a rare step. So, we see there is a result, if, for example, Israel does not want to agree to a ceasefire, Israel may become very isolated in the world,” he continued.

On the other hand, Prabowo mentioned that not only Israel needs to stop the attacks, but also Hamas should promptly agree to a ceasefire for the sake of its own people.

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